Mannington Adura®flex Parisian Oak Meringue FXP720

Adura®flex Parisian Oak


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Mannington Adura®flex Parisian Oak Croissant FXP721
Mannington Adura®flex Parisian Oak Meringue FXP720

Product Attributes

Collection Adura®flex Parisian Oak
Color Meringue
Color Variation MEDIUM
Shade Light
Species Oak
Surface Type Embossed
Surface Texture Embossed
Edge Micro-Bevel
Application Residential
Size 7" x 48"
Width 7
Finish Coating Low Gloss
Installation Method Glue Down
Warranty Lifetime Residential 10 yr Light Commercial
Description Inspired by the minimalist philosophy of Nordic Design, Parisian Oak places emphasis on clean lines and simplicity while capturing the essence and unmatched beauty found in nature. Parisian Oak 's unassuming white oak visual combines subtle saw marks, realistic wood filled knots, and a refined surface texture revealing a beautiful harmonizing floor that will transition any interior space. Available in a soft, modern color palette, Parisian Oak is sure to delight the homeowner creating a peaceful, calming environment.