Mannington Silver Oceana Sand Dollar 080440

Silver Oceana

Sand Dollar

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Mannington Silver Oceana Sand Dollar 80440
Sand Dollar
Mannington Silver Oceana Shell 80441
Mannington Silver Oceana Tide 80442
Mannington Silver Oceana Tide 080442
Mannington Silver Oceana Shell 080441
Mannington Silver Oceana Sand Dollar 080440
Sand Dollar

Product Attributes

Collection Silver Oceana
Color Sand Dollar
Shade Medium
Surface Type NatureForm® 4G
Application Residential
Size 12' wide roll
Finish Coating Medium Gloss
Installation Method Permanent bond releasable bond or loose lay
Warranty 10 yr Residential
Description Creating unparalleled sophistication in a timeless pattern, Oceana is a geometric mosaic that resembles the highest quality, polished white Cararra marble. This ornate pattern combines trendy shapes with thin, irregular grout lines, creating a dynamic, dimensional pattern that is guaranteed to enhance any area where elegance is priority.