At Johnson Floor & Home, we love installation day: Now that you have selected the tile styles that will bring strength and presence to your rooms, it’s time to prepare for new floors. Learn more about new tile installation from our experts!

Before Tile Installation

Start by removing all furniture and furnishings from the rooms receiving new tile- and don’t forget the closets! Remove all framed pieces from the walls, and we recommend completing any new painting for the walls before tile installation. Tile requires a completely level subfloor and cannot be installed over existing flooring. Before tile installation, ensure that the old floors have been removed and disposed of, and that any subfloor prep or repair has been completed. Bring the new tile into the room and let the pieces acclimate for at least 48 hours before installation.


When your installers are laying down the new tile, you need to plan to be home to answer questions and help navigate any issues that can arise. You also need to keep kids and pets away from the rooms receiving new tile to ensure safety. Designate an area for your crew to keep tile installation tools that include tile cutters, tile pliers, trowels, grout, and more. Since tile floors and patterns require careful expertise and grout work, we recommend hiring professional installers to ensure that your new tile floors and surfaces are installed correctly.


Once the new tile is installed successfully, we recommend waiting at least 48 hours for your floors to set fully, and for grout and sealer to dry, before they can receive light foot traffic without footwear and activity from pets. Without letting grout dry properly, your floors can be susceptible to cracking, weak joints, or even the growth of mold and mildew. Now is the time to ask your installers any questions you may have, and check that your doors still have full range of motion with the new flooring height. Do not bring in any heavy furniture on the new tile until the grout is completely dry and use felt protectors under the legs of heavy pieces to help reduce impact. 


After your successful tile installation, now it’s time to develop the tile care routine that will help you keep your new rooms looking spectacular. From regular sweeping to spill and stain treatment, it’s all about taking the proper steps with your new surfaces. Our tile experts have all the best practices to follow:


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